Ronald Ady is a rare find in lawyers. If you are in need of relief from debt collectors, Ronald is the attorney that you need to choose.

He will tell you if your case has any chance to win and will tell you that there is always the chance that the judge may rule against you.

Ronald was referred to me by one of my friends in California who does the same litigation that Ronald does. But at the time, after consulting with Ronald, I decided not to use him because I had let the litigation against me go too far before seeking litigation counsel. I decided to go with another attorney who only wanted to settle.

The other attorney told me that they knew the attorneys who were suing me and could negotiate a favorable outcome. Little did I realize this the attorney meant a favorable outcome for the attorneys suing me. I ended up paying more for a settlement that I felt that I really should have. Then the same debt collectors tried suing my wife. She consulted with the attorney that I used, but felt that there was something missing. She went and consulted with Ronald. He had the case against my wife dismissed.

Then the same debt collector came after me again. This time when I was served, I went to Ronald and had him represent me. The other attorneys thought that because Ronald was prepared to go to court, they could put a judgment on my credit report even though the case hadn’t been decided. They also decided to garnish my bank account. At first the judge ruled against me and the other attorneys started the process at my bank to freeze my account and take all my money. Ronald counseled me to be patient and not to worry, he was going to plead my case again with the judge. Two days later the judge reversed himself and ruled in my favor. All claims against me were dismissed and Ronald submitted a great settlement to the case.