“I learned the hard way that If you are facing any type of debt collection, you need the help of a competent, knowledgeable attorney, one with experience in debt collection and consumer protection.

Believe me when I tell you the cards have been stacked against you, the creditors, the debt collectors are working together to make you pay the maximum amount in fees, fines, and collections, even if you do not owe the money.

I was wrongfully sued by a fitness company and their legal counsel. To me, it seemed like a simple matter, I would go to court explain my side to the judge, that would be the end… I was wrong. The fitness company secured a default judgement against me and began garnishing my wages. I spoke with at least 5 attorney’s all of whom told me I had no case and no chance of winning.

I was so grateful to have been referred to Ronald Ady, by another attorney, that told me Ron Ady is THE BEST consumer protection attorney in the state. Ronald Ady told me that he would get the default judgement reversed, and he did. He told me that he would recover my garnished wages, and he did. He told me that we had a winning case. He secured a very nice settlement for me. It was hard work and took sometime, but he is man of his word and did Exactly what he said he would do.

If you are facing any type of debt collection, do not go it alone. Ronald Ady is your best bet to protecting yourself, your wages, and making debt collectors do the right thing.”

Tony A. – Salt Lake City Utah